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From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to leading a safari across Tanzania, Macon Dunnagan working with Zara Tours is proud to help others experience the extraordinary parts of life. I am based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but I enjoy taking people from across the US and Canada on adventures all through-out Tanzania.

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Let us take you on a safari or lead you to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand at the summit of a mountain nearly 20,000 feet above sea level or go on a safari throughout Northern Tanzania? Macon Dunnagan along with Zara Tours will help you experience that feeling for yourself.

Macon Dunnagan has 15 years of experience in outdoor adventures, while Zara Tours has been in business for over 30 years. We have the same goals: helping others experience the same thrill we get from mountain climbing or going on a safari. Macon has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 39 times and have led 14 different safaris.

Macon Dunnagan climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time in 1998 after winning a trip to South Africa. He enjoyed it so much that he became a lifelong leader of adventures and wrote the book, Kilimanjaro: Sons of Kilimanjaro. Today, Macon Dunnagan is proud to help adventurers plan exciting treks with Zara Tours.

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"Macon led a group of almost 20 women up the six day climb to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. He is a trusted expert in understanding the diversity of the climb and kept it light hearted along the way. With almost 20 climbs under his belt when he took us up the highest single standing mountain in the world, he made us feel empowered, able, and helped me personally summit Uhuru Peak."
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